Aniela Breen & Pursuit of Peace (Myru)

"I adopted Myru in December 2016 and we have accomplished so many things this year. Our 2018 show season begins this Sunday as we are competing in a winter Jumper series in our area and the series goes into March. In the summer we are going to the SOCTA eventing series in London, as well as Cadora Dressage and Meadowlarke Jumpers. Also hoping to get to some extreme cowboy events. We competed in the Standardbred Show Series this past summer and came out with many awards. We are looking forward to this summer and continuing to grow together as a team!"

Kirsten Neumann Stephens & On My Six (Ranger)

"It didn’t take me long to realize that, after visiting the website several times and repeatedly clicking on On My Six’s profile, that I had developed a crush. It was time to make the four hour drive to visit this horse and get him off my mind."


"Through our first three months together I have thrown myself headlong into learning training techniques, studying equine nutrition, establishing a trusting relationship with On My Six (now Ranger), and spending every moment I can working and playing with this incredible horse."


"I believe strongly in this organization and in the breed. In addition, I’m having a ton of fun with Ranger, and am always happy to share my experiences."

Marissa Hembruff & Senor Suerte

"Russell came to us green broke to w/t/c with some experience over small jumps. He was very hollow and headstrong, holding his head in the air like a giraffe. Going off-property was a major no-no and getting him to cooperate under saddle was difficult as he was busy panicking. Since then, he has come a very long way. He has developed a sense of straightness, and has begun to carry himself and has lowered his poll when going forward. He now goes to off-property lessons bi-weekly and shows no distress and is progressing beautifully with the help of our coach."


"The plan for 2018 is to get him working as a dressage horse (his movement is absolutely stunning) and to take him to schooling shows and bronze-level dressage shows. Once he is more comfortable jumping a course, we intend on entering him in the Trilogy schooling series, and if he is confident with cross country then the goal is to get him to a horse trial by next fall."




JENNA TYTLER & ALL JACKED UP (Kilmartinwhosurguy)

Tia Biro & Fit For Action

Alexandria Tiffinger & GOOD TIME CHARLIE

(Robert T)


Ayra Colton-Edwards & Targui

Ayra & Tig plan to hit the QSLB Cadora dressage ring in 2016, and hopefully some other fun events! They ride in semi-regular dressage lessons with Laurie Smith, and also with Ayra's mother, who is a low-level dressage coach. They have been together since Ayra adopted Tig in 2013 from The Horse Sanctuary at Stonegate Farm. Ayra shows Tig under the name "Forward Unto Dawn", so be sure to watch for them on the dressage circuit!

Mallory Haigh & Big Art

Mallory & Kylo are our newest partnership - Mallory just adopted Kylo from our organization in late February! However, they are already showcasing just how versatile and amazing the Standardbred breed is. Mallory plans to share her experiences through the retraining process, as Kylo goes from racehorse, to dressage horse - and all of their adventures along the way!

Tia Biro & Fit For Action

Tia adopted Maple 3 years ago from Whispering Hearts Equine Rescue, and they have never looked back. Together, they compete in both English and Western disciplines, and can be seen competing at almost all of the Standardbred Show Series events. They are also hoping to get out to a few other shows and events, and will be showcasing the versatility of the Standardbred breed!

Amanda Chant & Rocky Flight

From beautiful Australia, Amanda and Rocky are showcasing that it doesn't matter where you're from, there are still stigma's against Standardbreds in the show ring. However, together with her husband, Amanda runs Neverland Equestrian, and proudly promotes Standardbred horses in the show ring! Rocky & Amanda will his the dressage ring, and the demonstration ring throughout 2016!

Alexandria Tiffinger & Robert T

Alexandria and Charlie made a cross-country move from Alberta to Quebec, as Alexandria is pursuing her education. After adopting Charlie from J&M Acres Horse Rescue, Alexandria has worked on Charlie's training and her aim is to eventually compete in Eventing. So far, they have competed in a couple dressage shows, and plan to compete more in 2016!

Charlene Barry & West Point

Charlene and Leo actively promote the Standardbred breed with the Canadian Standardbred Network, and we are excited to have them on board with our organization too! Together they compete across Alberta and Western Canada in Eventing. They plan to make it to a couple full events this year, as well as attending lots of fun informational events to help promote the breed!


Amanda Gilbank & Be Good To Me

Mandy & Lucky planned to hit the dressage ring in 2015, but after one show, Lucky's mud fever kicked in, and so they spent a lot of time working on their relationship, and their communication. Lucky & Mandy hit the trails, and did some fun "unextreme" cowboy clinics, where Lucky was able to overcome many of her fears. They plan to get back on track in the dressage ring for 2016, but also enjoy their newfound love of obstacles!

Hillary Lunn & Call To Dance

Hillary & Ginger hit the jumper ring again in 2015, and were aiming to have even more success than they had, had the year before. They succeeded. And not only did they excel in the jumper ring, they both took on a new challenge by competing in western events later on in the year, and were able to bring home quite a few ribbons! Their goal for 2016 is to continue to grow as a team, and compete regularly on the Trillium circuit. 

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