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These horses are currently available for adoption or foster unless otherwise specified.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more!

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All of our program horses are currently located at one of our approved foster facilities or are horses who have gone through our adoption program in the past. Should you be interested in meeting any of our horses, be sure to fill out an application or send us a message! All adopters MUST be approved, and must sign an adoption agreement, and pay their adoption fee (if applicable) before they take possession of the horse. 




AGE: 21 y.o (April 23, 1998)
HEIGHT: 15.2hh


This chunky monkey is looking for her perfect companion home. She has been in foster for the past little while, being handled daily & working on her people manners. She is bottom of the pecking order with other horses, and she has realized that people are fantastic - she absolutely loves to be brushed and fussed over. She is a bit anxious at feeding time because she is worried she is going to be pushed out of her food by other horses.

Described as her foster mom as being "easy to love", Ivy is hoping to find the perfect companion home where she can live out her retirement & receive all the brushing, snuggles & love that she can get! She does have mild arthritis and does receive MSM / Glucosamine to help with that. She is suitable for companion/retirement.



Located in Lakefield Ontario




AGE: 3 y.o (May 29, 2016)
HEIGHT: 15hh
SUITABILITY: Any suitability, with training


This stunning little lady is available for adoption again only due to the fact she does not fit in with her adoptive family herd dynamics and separating her has not been successful for her morale.

Brie is a lightly raced 3 year old filly with a bright future ahead of her. She is small, approx 15hh, but still growing and has the build to be an excellent hunter type once she fills out! She is a clean slate, with no previous injuries - she simply wasn't cut out to be a race horse. She is quick to pick up ground work lessons, been sat on without any issues, and can go in any discipline direction you wish to take her! She should mature out to be around 15.2hh.

She absolutely loves to be fussed over, has an "in your pocket" personality, good to be groomed and is happy in a mixed herd, BUT is still learning herd mentality and finding her place (aka she's the annoying baby in the field that bothers everyone LOL)

Brie is incredibly brave and willing to tackle anything that has been asked of her. She will make someone an incredible partner and she has a ton of talent waiting to come out! She has been sat on and lightly started at a walk but at her age we are in no rush. Nab her now and train her in the direction you want!



Located in Stirling, Ontario





BARN NAME: Scarlett
AGE: 15 y.o (May 30, 2004)
HEIGHT: 15.2hh
SUITABILITY: Pleasure / Low Level Showing


This stunning, stunning mare is coming back available for adoption just sadly due to her adopters lack of time & she truly wants to see Scarlett excel! She is a 15 year old approx 15.2hh thickly built mare. She raced only twice but had a handful of foals, who have been extremely successful on the track and many are still currently racing.

She has been in and out of consistent work for the past two years since being a part of the Redemption Ride 30 Day Trainers Challenge. Scarlett enjoys going bitless and with consistent work, had true talent for the low level dressage or jumper ring.  She is big, strong and is an excellent opportunity for an experienced amateur or a confident teenager. Her stunning good looks and fantastic personality would make her an absolutely amazing addition to any family!



Located in London, Ontario


Under Saddle October 1, 2019





AGE: 19 y.o (June 15, 2000)
HEIGHT: 16hh approx.


Buddy was picked up, along with his stablemate Annie, as their elderly owner could no longer care for them. Buddy has lived the past few months in a drive shed simply due to his owners health. He is slowly being reintroduced to being back outside. He was trained to race but never successfully made it to the racetrack. He is well handled and well behaved. Buddy is a bit nervous in new situations but is smart and quick to learn - he does not have a mean bone in his body. He does have a slightly crooked neck that we are keeping an eye on but it seems to be getting better the more he gets a chance to run and stretch his legs.

At this time Buddy is available for adoption as a companion only. 
He may be capable of riding in the future but we are hoping to find him a home for Christmas!




Located in Garden Hill, Ontario




AGE: 17 y.o (June 10, 2002)
HEIGHT: 15.2hh approx.


Annie was picked up, along with her pasture mate Buddy, as their elderly owner could no longer care for them. Annie has lived the past few months in a driveshed simply due to her owners health. She is slowly being reintroduced to being outside. Annie is extremely well behaved, curious and friendly. She does like to squeal at other horses and definitely reminds them that she is a lady with an opinion. She is sound, and is a stunning mover and is trotting bred so does not pace.

At this time Annie is available for adoption as a companion only. 

She may be capable of riding in the future but we are hoping to find her a home for Christmas!


Located in Garden Hill, Ontario





AGE: 14 y.o (May 25, 2005)
HEIGHT: 15.1hh


Classy is a stunning war horse who raced right up until his mandatory retirement age this fall. With almost 300 starts and earnings over $225,000 ; Classy is exactly has his name implies. This sweet and personality filled gelding also is fantastic to handle, has been handled by children. He is sound, sane and is a horse that has a huge work ethic and loves to have a job - he won't be happy just sitting in a field! He arrives to our program on October 23, and will begin his under saddle assessment before going up for adoption. There is a change his body will go through as it adapts from racing to riding, and so he will be available only to a knowledgeable home willing to follow the steps to ensure his body transitions properly! 

Classy is currently undergoing an assessment period.

Located in Roslin, Ontario



AGE: 16 y.o
HEIGHT: 16.2hh


We received a message from some at an auction yard with some Ontario owned Standardbreds. Quickly, we looked them up on the off chance we could get in touch with anyone who may be able to help them out. What wasn't expected was one of these horses to be owned by some of our biggest supporters, that we've rehomed many horses for over the years. (This guy was done racing well before the existence of our program, but individual placement after racing does not guarantee a safe home for life).

And with one message, they offered to help this guy out, even though his career as a race horse was dismal, he has humans in his corner who are going to help him. And we are happy to welcome him with open arms too. He can be our Christmas present!

Please say hello to this 16 y.o fluffy big hunk of a couch potato gelding is ready to get out of the sad situation he is in and get started on his journey to happiness and no life worries!




AGE: 20 y.o 
HEIGHT: 16.2hh


Levi was originally pegged as another Canadian horse that previous owners offered to step up for and asked if we had space for him. We agreed but after reviewing further and speaking to another owner, it was found that his brand is just hard to read, and his actual name was found out. And how awful that name is!

While he no longer had connections from his past to help him, we had still promised to take him and thankfully our amazing supporters helped us to raise the funds to cover Levi's costs to go with Dale.  We do not know much else about him at this point but we are excited to learn!




AGE: 15 y.o (April 7, 2004)
HEIGHT: 15.3hh approx.
SUITABILITY: Companion/Pleasure Riding


Hank was green broke to ride under saddle but has simply been a companion the past few years. He is sound, sane and could still make an excellent pleasure horse. He is an easy keeper and very low maintenance. 


Located in Clayton, Ontario



DISCLAIMER: Please know that these horses are NOT at a Go & Play facility, & all information provided is what we have been given by the current owner of each horse. Please understand that we do not know these horses very well personally, if at all. We only know what we have been told. We do not take any responsibility for the personality, condition, future stability and current training of any horses listed on the list below.

All horses go through the same adoption process and post-adoption check-ups that our program horses do!




AGE: 6 y.o (March 1, 2013)
HEIGHT: 15.2hh
SUITABILITY: Pleasure / Showing - with training


This handsome gelding is looking to start his rising career! He is registered but was never trained to race. He's been handled daily, is cheeky & very sweet. Sound, sane & could go in any direction with training. Here's your ultimate project! Nab him now before we have an opening in our foster program and we start his training and his fee skyrockets - right now it's simply a donation to help other Standardbreds in need!

Did we mention that he is TROTTING BRED? 


Located in Palgrave Ontario



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