Join Our Foster Program!

Foster homes are the major backbone to what we do! We aim to pair our horses with foster homes that will love them and enjoy them as if they are their own!

We have re-vamped our foster program for 2019 as fosters are where the majority of our funding goes to, however our fosters have cost us more than the funding that we have been raising.  Therefore we have had to re-evaluate how we look at fostering for the future.


Below you will find our new foster programs for 2019.


Typically 30 - 45 day 'layover' stays for horses needing temporary locations

Basic Veterinary/Farrier Compensation


Typically 1 - 6 months of under saddle training / work

Basic Veterinary/Farrier & Alternative Therapy Compensation


Typically 3 - 8 months of daily rehabilitation care for horses suffering injury or neglect

Basic Veterinary/Farrier/Grain/Supplements & Alternative Therapy Compensation


Typically 6+ months of care and companionship to geriatric or permanently unrideable horses 

Full Compensation

Fill out a Foster Application HERE (our foster program application is the same as our adoption application!)

Go & Play Stable is proud to have a long term sponsorship with the following businesses:

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