Our Volunteers

We all know that the backbone to any organization is the people who keep it running. Our organization is no exception - these kind, caring & generous individuals have come together out of the goodness of their hearts, to volunteer their time, their skills, and even their money, to helping these Standardbreds move on to second careers.
It isn't just a team, it's a family. And we want you to be part of our journey. 
Learn more about current volunteer opportunities below!

Our 2019-2020 Board Of Directors

President | Kimberly Hale
Vice President | Jasmine Gray-Scott

Secretary | Karla Ryan
Treasurer | VACANT

Director At Large, Finance | Denise Hamilton
Director At Large, Marketing | Mallory Haigh
Director At Large, Fundraising | Stephanie Pignoli

Interested in joining our team?

Board Positions
We host our Annual General Meeting in August/September of each year. If you are interested in one of our Board Member positions, please feel free to contact us so that we can add your name to the ballot list. An official post will go out in August of each year.

Fundraising Volunteering

Fundraising is a major section of our organization, as the majority of our finances are raised through fundraising efforts. If you are interested in joining our fundraising team, you simply need a "go get it done" attitude, excellent team and individual working skills, and a commitment of 5-10 hours per month. 


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Go & Play Stable is proud to have a long term sponsorship with the following businesses:

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