While we do our best to be as open as possible, we all know that the best way to really learn about an organization is to read & hear what others have to say about it! Below are a few of our testimonials from individuals who have adopted from us, sent horses to our program, or just simply follow along with what we do! We value their honesty, and their sincerity, and we hope that everyone else does too!

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"I adopted my horse Phil through Go and Play Stables, not really knowing much about this organization. It started with a picture of Phil posted online and it was love at first sight, I had to have him. I loved the application process; it shows the genuine care these people have for these animals. The incredible people at Go and Play offer endless support for you and your new horse as well as a hundred solutions to one problem. I have nothing but nice things to say about these people. I have recommended Go and Play Stables to anyone who ever asks me about getting a horse and I will forever recommend this organization to anyone. Thank you Go and Play for giving me the best horse I could have ever asked for."

~ Aleka Duguay

"It was a tough decision when I finally decided it was time to look for a new horse.  My guy was 20 and was really slowing down. Once I took the plunge and publicly declared my intentions on social media, it was less than an hour before I learned about Go and Play Stable, was surfing the website, and found myself returning to a big, dark bay gelding with a tendon injury.  No jumping, his description stated. Perfect for this forty-something with a "delicate" back.


The next few days were a blur.  A flurry of text messages to the owner, a million questions asked and answered graciously, photos flying through space, a long drive at an ungodly early-in-the-morning hour, and then it was over.  I was in love. Three days later, On My Six made the 4 hour journey to come home. He was given a new name, Ranger, and I began the slightly daunting task of getting to know my new horse.


I’d never started a horse before, and had no shame in doing research, asking for advice, and taking things slowly.  I really didn’t want to screw this up. All the while, Go and Play Stable was right by my side. Kimberly was an amazing support.  She gave me training advice, she connected me with other adopters who I could go to for help with nutrition and other questions, and she was (and is) a great cheerleader.  


Through Go and Play, I not only found my heart horse, but a met an entire community of like-minded horse friends.  I’ve been given the opportunity to be an ambassador for Go and Play for 2018 and have loved that experience. I sing the praises of this organization to everyone who will listen.  Because my horse is such a “steady-Eddy”, I’ve pushed myself to take on challenges that I may have shied away from in the past. Most unexpectedly, I have become, in some small way, part of the wonderful race family who raised On My Six and made him the gentleman who stole my heart.  I’ve grown so much as a horsewoman in this past year, and I know that my Go and Play adoption was the push I needed."

~ Kirsten Neumann Stephens

"I first learnt about GPS on Facebook. I saw a beautiful mare that I just had to have. I contacted Go and Play Stables about her and they quickly responded and we were on our way to go and see the mare. On the way, it was brought to our attention that another mare that was on the waiting list was on the way, and would we like to have a look at her too? We agreed and met Sarah in Norwood ON. Which is where I met, what I knew was going to be the only stop I would need to make. It was love at first sight. Sauble LT, what an amazing horse she was. All the attitude in the world and I just had to have her. After the adoption was finalized, Sauble was on her way to me. I decided to get involved with this incredible organization and I became a Safeguard Advisor for most of Eastern Ontario. A short time later my husband (hoof care practitioner) was approached by Sarah to help out with some hoof recovery on a few of the harder cases. We very quickly became part of this awesome family of volunteers, adopters and sponsors.


The time came that Sauble needed a companion. Another quick look on GPS website to see available horses and I saw a gelding that I just had to have. Unfortunately he was in a foster home and not looking like adoption for us would be an option . I messaged Sarah and asked if she had any horses she would recommend for us. After a bit of back and forth she said 'well Arwyn is still available if your still interested in her'. Well I was SOOO excited,  I couldn't believe she was still there. Again, after some paper signing, Rakland Futura was on her way to us too. 


Our little family was completed.  Or was it? I was scrolling through Facebook again and saw a post about a gelding that was coming back into the program and he needed a special home that understood his needs. I had everything he needed and without hesitation, I contacted Sarah again, and said " I'll take him" she asked "Are you serious?" I was dead serious.  I didn't even ask which horse it was. LOL!  I decided to ask, and sure enough, the gelding I fell in love with before that wasn't available was now available and coming home to become our third and final Standardbred adoption. A few weeks later Hey Mister DJ was standing in my paddock. 


We will always support Go and Play Stables.  This organization gives these horses the chance to be much more then just a memory at the track. They retire and rehome them with all the dignity they deserve.  They have given so much to us for our entertainment, it's time to give back to them by giving them a soft place to land .


Thank you Go and Play for our incredible herd and for the opportunity to work with the horses and all of the stellar human beings that make up this great organization."


~ Cindy & Adam Lueders  

~ Sauble,  Arwyn & Finic ~

~ Sauble ~
~ Arwyn ~
~ Finic ~
~ Suzi ~
~ Pippi ~

"I first contacted Sarah at Go and Play Stables, looking for a horse for my husband who was an absolute beginner.  I was interested in one horse, but Sarah was quick to recommend a different one.  While I was disappointed at first, I really appreciated the time that Sarah took to understand what we were looking for and make sure that she was helping create a perfect partnership.   I joke now that my husband loves Suzi-Q more than me!  Suzi was on the waiting list, and of course as soon as we saw her it was love at first sight.   


After seeing how wonderful Suzi was, it didn’t take long for us to want to add to our family, and about a year later Pippi joined Suzi in our pasture.  Again, Sarah took the time to understand and provide full disclosure of what we could expect from Pippi.


It is the high level of integrity and personal responsibility that the team at Go and Play has that makes them a pleasure to recommend.  The care and information leading up to the adoption, the reliable home visits, and the ongoing support makes me proud to support Go and Play.  


Providing life after racing to Standardbreds takes a full community, and I am so honored to be even a small part of the amazing work that Sarah and her team does.   My only regret….. that I don’t have space for a few more!"

~ Tracy Hutchings

"I love horses so much. I have 5. I rode all of my horses in my field. Except for Princess Skye, none of us could ride her, because she was not ridable. But that was okay we could brush her for hours and she would not care at all. I love all our horses no matter what. They are great in every way. They are awesome, they are athletic, they are powerful, they are sweet."

~ Emma Corkery

~ Emma & Raven~

​"I foster with Go & Play and can't say enough about what a great experience it has been. While arranging the foster, Sarah was completely upfront with my about my horse's abilities, medical history, quirks, etc. When a late-at-night, sudden emergency​ colic happened, I wasn't only able to get the vet out right away, but Sarah drove 40 minutes to my barn to make sure Lucky was okay and provided after care help. I love the consistent communication, safeguard checks, and foster agreement paperwork - all this tells me that this rescue always puts the horses first. I'm very proud to say that I support GPS!
Amanda Gilbank

"In April 2016 I decided to go and take a look at a horse in Peterborough. His stable name was Bruce. We got there and he was pretty wired. He was extremely herd bound. He even Tried to jump out of the stall while we were looking at him.  Sarah said a lot of people were afraid of him. I could kind of see why... Then he stopped....just stopped. I was able to hug him and he just looked down at me and had the kindest eye!!  As much as I said I would think about it, at that moment I knew what I was going to do.  It's been almost a year now and he goes walk trot and lives in a stall night. He has learned to play and is one of the best decisions over ever made.  This summer we will start local competitions. Bruce has become Diesel and I love him more today than that first day!!"

~ Kristina Dodd

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